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Chakra Balance System Introduction workshop

December 16, 2017 @ 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm America/Los Angeles Timezone
Hot Pot Studio - Loft 1
1614 K St
Sacramento, CA 95814
$50 suggested donation, but no one will be turned away.
Amy Sigil
+1 (916) 308-9753

Chakra Balance System© Introduction Workshop at Hot Pot Studio, Sacramento


Dancer and teacher of American Tribal Style *ATS©, Kundalini Yoga, and The Chakra Balance System©.

She has explored other styles of dance, yoga, and practiced martial arts (Viet Vo Dao and Tai Chi) for more than 20 years.

She studied Indian Civilisation, Hindi and Tibetan at the Institute of Languages and Asian Civilizations (INALCO) in Paris.

Nourished by these experiences and the encounters with Tibetan, Hindu, and Sikh tradition Masters, she humbly guides meditation groups.

Since 2013 she has developed a series of workshops including, The Chakra Balance System©, Dance Movement Flow©, and Tantra Flow© to encourage the return to the inner listening. The original vibration of cells that each one of us carry inside.

Through a precise work on the chakras, meditation, and the exploration of the movement, she guides each person to find their own tempo in order to reach more clarity of mind, emotional balance and wellness.


Chakra Balance System© Introduction Workshop

CBS is a system of balance and self-healing through a precise work on the Chakras for a deep connection to our inner being. This enables the union of the spiritual and the sacred, the body and the spirit.

We will use several techniques to help you go through and understand any sort of blockages and to balance the body, speech and mind.

• Kundalini Yoga For this discovery workshop, we will start with a Kundalini Yoga class. (1hr30)

• CBS-Tantra Flow Meditation© Then we will go through a seated meditation to clear the chakras, balance the elements and energies of the body so the flow comes back to it’s natural pace. It offers a dynamic opportunity to other practices and emotional balance for everyday’s life. This meditation will be guided and accompanied, you will never be alone throughout the journey.

This will be a moment of deep contemplation through the use of sounds, visualizations and Mantras. Work will be done on each of the major Chakras.

This type of meditation is called Tantric because it settles the bases to access the different approaches to Tantra.

• CBS-Dance Movement Flow© After lunch break we will have a meditation in movement which is used to reconnect our cells and the vibration of our bodies to their original frequency.

We all have a rhythm, and it is governed by our chakras. Through music and voice, you will travel to find your own movement. The one that will come in the present moment, that you had left out but which is ready to be back into the flow of your body and the vibration of your senses.

Each movement is dance and dance is movement and immobility is its source. Go in feeling, in listening to what your body has to say. You will explore through the movement and the meditative state to which you will access. (2hr30)

• Talking Circle and clothing For the accomplishment of this journey there will be the opportunity of sharing our personal highlights through a talking circle (0hr30)

•• If you feel the call for this adventure day, please register …. And contact me (tribalme@yahoo.com) I have some simple and short instructions proposition to send to you so you can start your preparation days before of the workshop.

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